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Hello again. I just watched the new video out by Kurzgesagt and it got me thinking. This video is about black holes and what actually could happen if you travel inside them. Really cool!!!

This brings me back to a type of idea from my childhood. So, the narrator talks about black holes and how matter gets sucks into it. He describes how a black hole can be a simple as an electron because it only has mass, sping, and charge. I have an idea. What if a black hole is actually an electron and we as humans are very…

Hello again. I hope you are doing well. I am writing tonight to explain a concept that affects all mathematics and predictions about life.

Figure 1: We are in the multiverse, universe, galaxy, solar system…

We are all inside the system (Figure 1). What is the system, exactly? It is the Earth; it is your country; it is the air you breathe. I want to show you an example of why being in the “system” is important to understand.

A fish under the sea but looks like a shark from above!

We all know this saying ‘Fake it Till you Make it.” If you don’t, it essentially means to try to “look the part.” If you think you are not cut out for being a student at a prestigious university, then this is your time to shine using this saying. Look the part. Buy fancy glasses, suits, turtle-necks; anything that makes you look like you go to a prestigious university even if you don’t go one.

The term “Fake it till you make it” is actually a good thing to do. …

Hello. I recently watched the Youtube Veritasium video called “Why The Speed Of Light* Can’t Be Measured” (Figure 1). Below are my thoughts on the concept. If you have not watched the video first, please do; my comments will make more sense. Enjoy.

Figure 1:

Derek explains in the video that we don’t actually know the one-way speed of light, because all ways of measuring it have been two-way. He brings up a great point and I would like to add to the conversation. The speed of light value is below in Equation 1.

Equation 1: c = 299,792,458 m/s

I hypothesize…

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies hyperloop vehicle and system concept.

Hello there. My name is Arthur Chadwick. I am the Founder of Hyperloop at VCU, a student organization that competed in SpaceX’s 3rd & 4th Hyperloop Pod Competitions.

Is Elon Musk our best hope to colonizing Mars? (Alfahir)

You know what my first instinctual response to whether or not we could go to Mars is?

There are two types of people in the world. People that set short-term goals and people that set long-term goals. Obviously, people switch between those. But at any one moment, you define yourself by some level of what your goals are (could be short or long-term).

People that want short-term goals fulfilled will disagree with going to Mars. Those who want long-term goals fulfilled will agree that we should go.

Someone who thinks about what they want day to day will not even…

There is such a huge difference between who your true self is and what potential you have as an individual to make a change and impact on your environment. When living throughout your daily life you want to have some sort of ratio of living your true self and living your potential self throughout each day. Now what is that ratio? Is it one part true self three parts potential self? Is it 50% true self 50% potential self? How about what do you define yourself as your true self? How about your potential self? How can you change the…

How do you force yourself towards a state of indefinite motivation? People like Elon Musk are doing what they want to do. The biggest flaw of humanity, of a human, of the human mind… How will we ever survive if an absolute path can’t be forced? We are bound by the psychology of the human brain but how can we increase our chances of finding the absolute path?

I am thinking and I know what I can do. I know what I don’t want to do and probably won’t happen because I don’t want to. …

The universe is constantly increasing in entropy, more disorder and more combinations of randomness. Image by CreepyPasta Wiki

As a college freshman talking to an audience who is most likely older than me, almost everyone of you have taken a chemistry or physics class where entropy, enthalpy, or Gibbs free energy have been mentioned. This article is going to focus more on entropy.

In case you’ve forgotten, entropy is the lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder. In our universe, a positive sign for entropy is thermodynamically favored. Also, entropy is always increasing in the universe. The equation ΔSuniverse=ΔSsystem +ΔSsurroundings, where ΔSuniv is always positive, can show how something like complex life can exist. For example…

(The UX Blog)

The human brain has the memory of roughly 1000 terabytes. We can create machines that have the capability to far surpass that amount. We can even create machines that learn themselves. Why not invest in a supercomputer to solve today’s greatest problems?

Maybe it’s because those that have had the capability had chosen not to because they don’t feel that it’s worth it. Maybe that machine WILL eventually take over humans and the world. …

Arthur Chadwick

Engineer, Entrepreneur, Student, Lover of Learning. Editor of Predict and Student Voices.

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